Frequently Asked Questions

HUBBA Angel is a simple web application where startups can pitch for funding and investors can find startups looking for funding. We believe that opportunities should be factually written and judged equally. This is why we have a highly curated question set for startups, and a simple black and white opportunity summary for investors.

As a startup, you can create an opportunity (description of your round), publish it to our HUBBA Angel, and watch in real-time as investors look at your opportunity. We don’t have time limits on opportunities, nor do we charge startups to post opportunities.

Investors sign up for a small monthly fee and get access to all past and present opportunities in our HUBBA Angel. Investors are emailed every new opprtunity. Investors don’t need to be accredited - anyone intereseted in investing can sign up.

An opportunity desscribes the financial terms that a startup is proposing and the nuances that surround those terms. Our question set provides deep insight into the team relationships, rate of progress in market, and much more.

For startups it’s free and you can publish as many opportunities as you like. HUBBA Angel will always be free for startups to publish opportunities. For investors, it is free during our beta phase!

Investors can see all of the startups and their opportunities. Startups can’t see investors, and investors can’t see other investors. If an investor view a startup’s opportunity, the investor’s firm name will be shown to the startup but nothing more.

No. We don’t take a carry of a round, we don’t get involved with negotiations, and we don’t take a cut of the amount raised. We are simply a directory connecting two parties.

No. Whether you’re a startup or an investor. It doesn’t matter where you are, what you do, or how you do it. HUBBA Angel has been built to work for anyone, everywhere.

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